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Natalie Forrester

 Natalie Forrester Artist


Meet Natalie:

Natalie Forrester is an Irish artist, she brings her flamboyant use of colour and raw tactile qualities to her artwork. Deeply rooted in colour psychology, each artwork has a conscious colour combination with the intent to draw into human emotions, from exciting to calming.

She paints using acrylics directly onto paper or Italian canvas. Her artwork is printed on homeware and wearables using vegan inks, one at a time to avoid over production. 

Born in Dublin, Ireland, she attended National College of Art and Design graduating in 2006 with a Bachelor of Design specialising in printed textile design. After graduating she traveled the world seeking inspiration, studying how sunlight intensifies the natural saturation of colours and worn manmade textures.

She worked for a decade in the design world including fashion in New York, branding in Qatar and graphic design in Dublin before turning to art full time. She lives in Hungary with her husband and son.


Artist's Words:

I believe art should be enjoyed by many, by offering my art prints on useful homeware, wearables and accessories, literally takes art off the wall. 

In my 20s I spent most of years traveling from country to country,  I would find home comforts in quirky cushions and textiles, bright fluffy towels, anything non-fragile that I could fit in my case.

I realised I could set up home anywhere with just a few of my favourite beautiful, useful textiles. As an art lover not in one place long enough to hang paintings, I sought out beautiful, meaningful pieces that became part of my life’s journey. 

Not part of any trends or fashion, just pieces that spoke to me and made me feel good and smile. Timeless pieces. 

That’s what I hope to bring to you. Art that you will keep with you through all life’s twists and turns, that will reminding you one day of all that you achieved, or turbulent times you simply ‘got through’. 

Art that helps you express your individuality and taste. 

Art you can snuggle, squashy, fold, wrap yourself in, carry things in and protect your possessions in. Everyday, useful, art you can live in.