Complimentary shipping on all original paintings

First She Paints

Nat paints using acrylics, oils, brushes, palette knives and feathers on paper and Italian canvas. 

The creation of artwork 'emerging'


Then Scans

Scanning artwork at 4,800 dpi ensures incredible detail regardless of the product size or surface.

 The scanning of artwork 'dotting'

Sustainably Created

Sustainable production is one of our core values. All our products (except for our Cards) are made to order to avoid over production.
No surplus, no wastage. 

 Our Wall Art canvas frames are handmade

Carbon Footprint 

We reduce our carbon footprint by partnering with print studios all over the world. Your order is created as close to you as possible, reducing the distance it has to travel to get to you.
The Printing of our Mugs

Print Studios Worldwide 

Our partner print studios are located in Barcelona Spain, Riga Latvia, Los Angeles & Charlotte in USA, Tijuana Mexico, Amakusa Japan, Brisbane Australia and Victoria Australia.


Digital printing is fast, accurate with minimal waste

Rapid Made to Order 

Our system is fully automated so there is no delay in getting your order to you. The production times may vary depending on demand and the time of year. In general products are ready to ship within 1-7 days.


 Our Packaging is Minimal and Lightweight


Worldwide Shipping

We add just the right amount of packaging to protect your order, no excess, fluffy, pretty packaging, just lightweight protection. Due to our minimal packing we can offer excellent Worldwide Shipping Rates




The Printing of an eco iPhone Case 

No Mass Production for a Happier Planet

Over production is a global problem with 85% of all textiles ending up in landfills. We believe sustainable production is the future of online retail, reducing carbon footprint for a greener, happier planet.