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Give your favourite spot something new this autumn 🍂


n a t .    l i v e    i n    a r t .    c u s h i o n s

Available in two different sizes in all eight collections, let's have a peek at a few:  


This is nat. golding cushion it's hard not to feel relaxed watching it ebb and flow in feel good, soft colours




That's nat. icing cushion ⬇ oozing confidence on neutrals, knowing it would look just as good with dark blues and greens



This is nat. melting large cushion, it loves to be centre stage on beds and sofas against teal walls and white sheets ⬇


nat. dotting cushion loves to lounge on vintage-inspired leather couches in tan and dark brown  ⬇


nat. seacaving cushion makes even the dullest couches look inviting for a bit of 'working from home today' ⬇


If you would like a set of 18"x18" nat. cushions,

enter the code 2XCUSH18 at checkout to receive €5.00 OFF ⬇when you buy two


If you prefer a bigger pair, nat. large cushions are a generous 22"x22"

enter the code 2XCUSH22 at checkout to receive €10.00 OFF ⬇when you buy two



nat. live in art.

Natalie Forrester is an Irish abstract artist and co-founder of There is no place like Home. She graduated from National College of Art & Design (NCAD) Dublin in 2006 where she specialised in printed textiles, both digital and silkscreen.

She brings her flamboyant use of colour and raw tactile qualities to her individually created pieces. No surplus, no wastage, each cushion is made-to-order at the nearest possible location to every customer, to help reduce carbon footprint and bring sustainability home🏡


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