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Artwork 'kitesurfing'


Can you feel the warm, salty sea air?

 From 2015-2017 I lived down the road from El Medano, Tenerife, where the sky was filled with mesmerising colourful kites propelling their owners at incredible speeds up in the salty air and back down to skim the warm Atlantic Ocean.

El Medano Tenerife

Photo: Kiteworld Magazine 

Essential to be seen against the blues and greens of the water, the kitesurfers wear bright, saturated colours like their kites. It is hard not to admire their speed and agility, elegance and grace.


Photo Source: Pexels APG

Always one to want to experience everything, this is a sport I much prefer to spectate with an ice cold caña or Mojito from El Timon, as it truly is, art in motion.

Own this artwork and let yourself be taken away to the sun everyday.